Makes you flying, on-road and off-road

FAARO technology sets new standards for grip, comfort, and safety. It’s a high-speed damper or shock absorber for motorsports and earthquake protection. With almost limitless response optimizing possibilities, featuring easy integration with electronic control systems.

A turbo on your shock absorber

The FAARO technology is like a turbo for shock absorbers. When the shock absorber reaches its limit of performance, the FAARO circuits take over and extend performance further. FAARO technology can improve any shock absorber, but for maximum performance, the shock absorber should be prepared for ultra-high-speed performance.

But do I need the ultra-speed performance?

Ultra speed does not refer to the speed the vehicle is driving, but the speed the shock absorber has to move to absorb a bump. You may have noticed that when driving at highway speed, even a small crack in the asphalt will send a shock through the car, meaning you NEED ultra-speed shock absorbers.

The world’s fastest shock absorber

FAARO technology enables shock absorbers to respond faster than any other type of shock absorber. The result is less tire deformation, less noise, better grip, and higher comfort. This technique opens up possibilities that so far have only been dreams.

  • Larger adjustment range

The FAARO technique has a larger adjustment range than normal shock absorbers and works at higher speeds.
  • More adjustment options

FAARO can be adjusted for both increasing and decreasing damping, with it being possible to adjust the curve in multiple ways never seen before. As opposed to FAARO technology, normal shock absorbers only allow for an increase of damping force as the velocity is increased and have very limited adjustment options.
  • Ultra-high-speed FSD

In a special setup of the FAARO technique, frequency selective damping can be achieved at five to ten times higher speeds. This is ground-breaking for motorsports and other demanding applications. This setup also provides the greatest isolation of noise and bumps, which also makes the technique applicable to luxury cars.


It is possible to combine position and frequency optimization in the same unit. Making it possible to avoid high-speed bottom out of shocks.

  • Smart sensitivity

Within wide limits, is it possible to accurate customize the shock absorbers sensitivity to load, over the entire stroke. This is called smart sensitivity.

  • Resonance selective damping (RSD)

It is possible to selectively eliminate an unwanted resonant frequency by tuning the FAARO circuits to the same frequency.

  • Easy electronic control

FAARO technology provides easy electronic control. Instead of controlling the main flow, you can control the FAARO circuit with a smaller valve and lower update rate, whilst still achieving advanced electronic controlled FSD/PSD/RSD.

What about…

When I talk to professionals about this technology, they often express concerns regarding weight and size. However, when you only dampen the unwanted movements and allow the suspension to move freely throughout the rest of the spectrum, you put less heat into the shock absorber and apply less stress to the suspension. This actually makes it possible to reduce the weight and overall dimensions of both the shock absorber and suspension.